Scholarship For Pre Matric Form - What Is The Last Date Of Scholarship

 Scholarship For Pre Matric Form

Scholarship For Pre Matric Form - What Is The Last Date Of Scholarship

Needed Objective To Apply - What Is The Last Date Of Scholarship

Students from minority communities will be encouraged to attend school. Their family's financial burdens will be eased, allowing them to continue their efforts to ensure that they graduate from high school. Minority populations could benefit from this program's goal of empowering them via education, one of its objectives.

The Scheme is covered(Scholarship For Pre Matric Students).

Schooling in a government or private Indian school, including residential Government institutions and qualifying private institutions that have been selected and publicly announced by the State or Union Territory Administration concerned, shall be eligible for the award of the scholarship.

Distribution - Application For Pre Matric Scholarship to Sc/St Students

National Commission for Minorities Act 1992 has notified that Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jain, and Zoroastrians (Parsis) are minorities under Section 2 (c). A total of thirty (30) lakh 'Fresh' Scholarships and renewal scholarships are expected to be distributed. The number of minorities in the States/Union Territories will determine which States/Union Territories will receive scholarships for 2017-18 and 2018-19 and 2019-20, respectively, based on Census 2001 and Census 2011.

It is dedicated to female pupils only.

A whopping 30% of the scholarships will go to female students. If there aren't enough qualified female students, the remaining scholarships may be given to deserving males.

Eligibility - How To Apply For Pre Matric Scholarship

Scholarships will be offered to students who have achieved a minimum of 50% marks in their previous final examination and whose parents/guardians' yearly income does not exceed Rs. 1 Lakh, inclusive of all sources.

Who Are Eligible for Pre Matric Scholarship

  1. To be awarded a scholarship.
  2. Minority students in grades 1 through X will be eligible for financial aid.
  3. The student's parent or guardian must submit an Income Certificate issued by a competent authority in the State/UT Government.
  4. The student who has reached the age of 18 must submit a Self-Certified Community Certificate. For others, a certificate signed by the student's parent or guardian is required.
  5. If you're applying for renewal, you'll need to have scored at least 50% on your previous year's exam to keep your award.
  6. Hostelers and day scholars will get a monthly maintenance payment.
  7. A single-family household may not receive a scholarship for more than two pupils (applicable for all Scholarship schemes meant for minorities under this Ministry taken together).
  8. The school's competent authority will set the standard for regular attendance, determined by the school's attendance policy.
  9. The school/institute will verify the student's assertion that they are an out-of-town student based on the student's permanent residence and the address of the student's parents.
  10. Unless there are exceptional circumstances and the student's academic career is at stake, a student would not generally be allowed to change schools or institutions during the academic year.
  11. The scholarship may be canceled or suspended if a student breaches the terms and conditions of the award. In case of a breach, these restrictions might also be directly canceled by the State Government/Union Territory Administration.
  12. A student's scholarship may be revoked, and the money handed back if the State Government or Union Territory Administration determines that they received a scholarship by making a false statement.
  13. The direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) option means that the student's bank account will be credited with the course/tuition fees and living allowance.
  14. A student who receives financial aid through this program is prohibited from using any other type of aid for the same reason.
  15. SC/ST/OBC students will only be eligible for one scholarship from all sources, including the federal government.
  16. As mentioned in the Gazette Notification-S.O. No. 1284 (E) No. 1137, dated 21.04.2017, eligible applicants must provide their Aadhaar numbers while applying for the scholarship. If an individual does not have Aadhaar, they can offer the details of other identity documents.
  17. The Ministry or any other agency authorized by the Ministry will conduct regular evaluations of the plan, and the Ministry of Minority Affairs will bear the expense of the review.
  18. The State/Union Territory website shall include all financial and physical accomplishments.
  19. India's government has complete control over the rules and can change them at any time.
  20. The Amount and Duration of the Scholarship
  21. You can expect to get actual financial aid for the admission/tuition fees and living expenses listed below up to a maximum limit.
  22. Hostellers include students who reside in the school/or institute's the state/union territory's administration's respective dormitories.

Scholarship Renewal

Once awarded, the scholarship may be renewed for the next academic year of the course with a certificate demonstrating that the student has achieved a minimum of 50%.

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